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Case Pricing is Our Core Focus

About IDrinkKosher.com in Valley Stream, NY 11581

Kosher wines and alcoholic beverages serve an integral part in Jewish religion and customs: from “Kiddush” (a blessing that is recited over wine before a Jewish Sabbath and Holidays) to any Jewish “simcha” (celebration), nothing is more joyous and traditional than raising a glass and toast “L’chaim” (to Life).  Because of strict restrictions of the Kashrut laws, it is imperative that the consumer of kosher wines and liquors not only has access to a store that carries a large variety and selection of kosher wines and liquors but is also equipped with the knowledge to help consumers disseminate information regarding the kosher status of alcoholic beverages.  Jewish communities have been significantly underserved by the local liquor stores and their lack of variety and offerings of kosher wines and liquors.  At IDrinkKosher, we fill that void, equipping ourselves with the knowledge and variety that consumers of kosher wines and liquors desire.  We differentiate ourselves by being actively involved with our customers and fulfilling their needs for variety and tastes.  In conjunction with our physical store at Green Acres Mall, Liquor & Wine Warehouse, we offer a wide variety of Kosher wines and liquors at the most competitive prices, along with superb attention and service for our customers—a combination that cannot be beaten!

Is "Free Shipping" really Free? The answer is NO!  We have done an extensive analysis on the subject of "Free Shipping" versus our competitors. The conclusion is, with shipping included, our prices are still cheaper than theirs!

Please Note – All of our wines are Kosher. We carry a wide variety of spirits both Kosher Wine and Liquor. The wines are Current Vintage unless specifically indicated as a library year in the description. If you do not see what you are looking for, feel free to contact us via e-mail at Contact@IDrinkKosher.com or by phone at (516) 887-WINE (9463).

Case Pricing is Our Core Focus

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